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Nominal configuration: 
small ROV frame mounted with embedded standard modules for observation mission

2 subsea light projectors : Each 1500Lm, 30W, 135°, 6200K

HD video camera (dome port) with tilt control

Up to 8 Thrusters for fine-3D movement control

     Yaw (spin turning in place)

     Linear speed: up to 1.5 knots

Depth 100m (available) / 300m (Q4 2017)

Weight 23,5kg on air, neutral buoyancy in water

3,5kg payload for add-on equipments

Size 600mm x 590mm x 280mm

Power supply : Battery (Surface powered option available)

7 free-connectors for add-on capacities

S-ROV (unchangeable)-YYYY-Z-T-SSSS

      YYYY: Depth (m) (100/300)

      Z: Number of Thrusters (6/8)

      T: Power Supply - Battery (B) / Power Supply from surface (P)

      SSSS: Embedded firmware versioning (ex 1.0 / 2.11)

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Companion Tools

S-type platform comes with:

(1) umbilical cable (500m max length) +

(2) OiS Surface Control Unit (rack or weather proof suitcase with related Monitoring Software)


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