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5 functions : slew, elevation, elbow, rotate, jaw (close/open)

Material : Hard anodized aluminum / inox 316L / Peak

Depth : up to 500m (available) / 2 000m (Q4 2018)

Weight : 15kg on air, 8kg in fresh water

Lift capability (full extension)

           16kg dynamic / 50kg static

Full reach length 700mm

Power Supply 9-24Vdc 150W

Control Bus : RS485 (other on request)

Connectors: SubConn MCBH8M

3 connectors available for add-on capacities

EMA (unchangeable)-X-YYYY-Z-T-UU-SSSS

      X: Number of functions (3/4/5)

      YYYY: Depth (m) 500m in standard (other on request)

      Z: Mounting arm Left (L) / Right (R) / None (N)

      T: Motor positioning Encoder (E) / None (N)

      UU : Jaw type V(J1) Crocodile(J2) Parallel(J3) Bucket (J4) None (N)

      SSSS: Embedded firmware versioning (ex: 1.0 / 2.11)

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Companion Monitoring Software Tools

Electrical Manipulator Arm comes with a companion monitoring software dedicated to remote control from surface base station


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